8 06 2011

Party n Play is now integrated with FourSquare support! Now you can browse offers available to you nearby, from Starbucks discounts to restaurant deals.  We’ll be bringing you even more features and wider range of offers soon!



Photo reminder

20 04 2011

Please do not use sexually explicit material in your photos – Google frowns on it.

That, and also keep in mind PnP is for men – there’s not much point putting a photo of a cat, your finger or your living room.

When you have plenty of guys to choose from, faceless photos are the last on anyone’s list, no matter how hot you claim to be.

New upgrade!

16 04 2011

We added password recovery, as well as faster GPS triangulation. We now pull data from 4 different sources so you should have a faster, better experience.

Download straight from the Android market!

Reposted from Tom’s Guide: Google Forced to Filter Porn from Android Market?

15 04 2011

Google Forced to Filter Porn from Android Market?

2:50 PM – May  3, 2010                          –                          By                           Kevin Parrish                          –
Source : Tom’s Guide US

The Parents Television Council may force Google to censor the Android Market, or install some type of parental controls.

ZoomOver the weekend, Ars Technica made an interesting notion that Google may come under heavy fire by the Parents Television Council, the group partially responsible for Apple’s recent Sweep of Death through the Apps Store that nuked numerous porn-related apps. The same group now wants to go after other mobile platforms, including the Android Market.

“We plan to draw attention to other platforms, such as Android, or Verizon’s Vcast service, that aren’t really doing anything,” said the PTC’s national grassroots director McKiernan.” We definitely want to see progress from some of the other handheld devices.”

The comment came immediately after Steve Jobs shot down Google’s mobile OS as an all-you-can-eat porn buffet open to the entire family. While the availability of mobile porn may appeal to some, Jobs had a point: Google currently does not offer any type of parenting control for Android-based devices. With that said, any Android owner can jump on the Market and download apps that can stream pure porn to the device.

But it doesn’t stop there either. Users can also toggle on the Android’s ability to install apps from “unknown sources”–those not listed on the Market. Not only does this allow the use of “homebrew” applications (which is a whole other piracy issue in itself), it also opens the door to additional porn-related applications. This could be problematic for parents who purchased an Android-based smartphone for their children, especially those under the age of 18. In fact, providing access to porn could be a legal issue.

Again, there needs to be parental controls. The PTC made it clear that it wasn’t set out to ban porn altogether, but rather wants it inaccessible to the minors. “Our goal is on limiting children’s access to objectionable content and ensuring parents have the ability to limit this access when deemed necessary,” McKiernan told Ars. “We take no stance on the ability of adults to access legal images, movies, or whatever the case may be.”

Dynamic Translation

9 04 2011

And we’ve reached a new milestone! Update 6.0 is stable (way more stable than grindr is), fast, works well on most low end phones.

One very nice new feature: Dynamic translation. If, like most gay guys, you travel often, to Greece, or maybe Bangkok for a holiday, you might face a common problem: you don’t speak the local language.

Our app has built in translation – you can translate from your current language to 11 other supported langages. This is done automatically when viewing profile text, or when sending messages.

Cool huh? Now you don’t have to worry about meeting people no matter where you go – we’ll do all the work for you.

New release!

1 04 2011

IPhone style chat is now included – plus you can now send UNLIMITED messages 🙂 Enjoy!

There won’t be an update for awhile – because with the number of features we’re adding, we are still deciding if we want to support old phones or not.

Old phones will likely break in the process – the team is still considering it.

New forum added

21 03 2011

The android market comment section is really backward – We can’t respond to each comment, which makes it hard for us to give assistance or with feedback.

Please use – That way we can have a 2 way conversation, and we can better improve.